Social marketing improves public health by leveraging the power and efficiencies of the private sector. By using existing commercial infrastructure, incentives and methodologies, DKT is able to reach millions of customers with family planning products and services through existing retail outlets and clinics. The goals of social marketing are straightforward:
  • To ensure wide availability of high-quality and affordable reproductive health products by building supply chains to register, import and distribute these products to a wide range of sales outlets.
  • To create demand for contraceptives through the development of integrated evidence-based behaviour change campaigns that promote the benefits of family planning and safe sex.
DKT ensures that contraceptives are easy to buy and that people want to use them. If women and men can find contraceptives at a nearby store or clinic, have confidence in the quality of the product and are able to choose a contraceptive that fits their needs, they are more likely to use them. DKT uses mass media and increasingly, digital and social media to increase awareness of family planning generally and DKT’s contraceptive brands specifically. 
DKT also partners with the public sector in a variety of ways including supplying commodities as needed to ensure contraceptive security, supporting governments with service delivery and outreach work and training health providers.

Product Distribution

A key component of social marketing is increasing availability and access to a wide range of high quality modern contraceptive methods through a robust supply chain and distribution network. DKT has national distribution reach in Kenya and Uganda through its distribution partners and DKT’s salesforce. DKT’s distribution makes contraceptive products available in tens of thousands of outlets, including pharmacies, drug shops, kiosks, petrol stations, healthcare facilities, clinics, and hospitals.


DKT builds the capacity of healthcare workers through training partnerships that reach clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare worker associations. DKT trains a wide range of healthcare providers to ensure they are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and ability to provide a wide range of contraceptive methods. DKT improves provider knowledge and skills through practical training activities, continuous medical education, medical detailing, and distribution of job aid materials.  The purpose of such trainings is to improve provider knowledge in advancing better choice to the end-user for reproductive health products and ensuring that consumers understand the benefits and potential side-effects of all family planning products